2022-23 Scholarships Overview

Scholarship Application Timeline

April 19, 2023: AwardSpring Opens to Receive Applications

October 20, 2023 (11:59 pm): AwardSpring Closes. 2023-24 Scholarship Applications are no longer accepted.

October 26, 2023: Scholarship Review Committee Receives Access to Review Candidates November 21, 2023: Selection Committee Submission Deadline to Foundation Scholarship Office

November 21 – December 7, 2023: Scholarship Recipients Notified via their email from the Foundation Scholarship Office. Please note that due to the nature of some scholarships, notification may occur after December 7.

February 2024: Student Thank-you event to be held - date TBD.

Mid-November – November 30, 2023: Scholarships Posted to Individual Student Accounts. Please note that the scholarship may be posted after November 30 due to unforeseen circumstances. Each of these will be linked to separate content pages provided below.

December 8, 2023: Applicant Not Receiving Scholarships Notified

Scholarship Award Disbursement

With few exceptions, the Mansfield Foundation applies all scholarship awards through the student’s attending university’s Student Accounts and they are typically divided equally between the fall and springs semester unless otherwise directed by the scholarship agreement.

The Foundation’s scholarship office is willing to work with students in applying the award to one semester depending on the scholarship agreement and the reason for the request. For example, a student may request that their award be paid completely in the fall semester, as the student will graduate in December.

The exception to the direct application of scholarships to a student’s account is when the donor has requested that the award be paid as a check. Please note that recipients will be provided IRS Form 1099- MISC if they received a check in the amount of $600, or more, and may be subject to report the scholarship(s) as miscellaneous income on their tax return(s).

Students should not plan to use scholarships for the next academic year or during the summer term unless the scholarship specifically states as such. The Mansfield Foundation generally announces scholarships in the spring and awards are disbursed in the upcoming academic year. Student applicants should have at least one, preferably two, semesters of study remaining at their university at the time they receive notification of their scholarship.