Choose to make investment in the future of your community.

You can help make the dream of an education a reality. Scholarships are more important now than ever in helping students get to school and be able to remain there. Your scholarship will help provide life-changing opportunities to deserving students.


A Scholarship Fund is a personalized fund you create to help others advance their education. With the assistance of our staff, you determine scholarship guidelines, including eligibility criteria, award amount, and selection committee. Depending on the degree to which you’d like to be involved, you may even choose to be a member of the selection committee.

Consider a Scholarship Fund if you:

  • Seek simplicity and ease in your giving.
  • Want to support educational opportunities, an educational institution, or course of study.
  • Want to be engaged in your philanthropy and in creating guidelines and eligibility for award recipients.
  • Want to honor or memorialize a loved one.

Ready to set up your scholarship fund?

By establishing a Scholarship Fund with the Mansfield Foundation, you receive a variety of services and the flexibility to choose the area of need that most interests you. You can also contribute to an existing scholarship fund, or give to the Mansfield Foundation’s Mansfield Way Scholarship Fund.

Our knowledgeable Foundation team is ready to assist you with your charitable giving while honoring donor intent. We share a passion to help your generosity do the most good.

Funding Your Scholarship

You can create your scholarship fund now with almost any kind of asset, including cash, publicly traded securities, closely held stock, private foundation assets, personal property. You can also establish your scholarship through your will or create it through a trust arrangement. 

Tax deductions are earned at the time of your gift, while scholarships awarded continue into the future. You and your family members, colleagues and employees are encouraged to continue to give to the fund over time to help it grow.

Naming Your Scholarship Fund

Scholarship funds can be created to honor or memorialize someone special, to honor the passions of an individual, or on behalf of a business or organization. Whatever the reason, your scholarship will carry the name you choose. If you prefer anonymity, you can choose a name that reflects your charitable purposes.

How It Works

Criteria: We assist with establishing scholarship criteria reflecting your passions and priorities. We use our experience and expertise to identify the best criteria to attract the most qualified applicants.

Recipient Selection: You can be as involved as you like in the recipient selection process. Our Scholarship Selection Committee can also put their years of experience to use for you.

Application & Materials: Each year we enhance our scholarship application, scrutinizing it to ensure we are asking the best questions to achieve the highest impact. We also create marketing and promotional materials to publicize the many scholarships offered.

Outreach: Our relationships with high schools, colleges, universities, and trade and vocational schools mean that your scholarship will be seen by thousands of students. We mail our application and promotional materials to our contacts, post information on our website and social media platforms, and use our media relationships to spread the word.

Administrative Management: We manage the administrative paperwork so that you can enjoy the experience giving the gift of education. We review and rank your applications, and even handle decision-making if you choose. Scholarship program administration can be overwhelming. Rules are ever-changing, with close IRS regulation. We stay current on all rules so you can engage in the most meaningful way. We also manage payments and tracking after selection to ensure your funds are appropriately used.

Need More Time To Think?

That’s ok. You can still make an impact while developing your philanthropic goals by contributing to any one of the many funds established at the Foundation. Click here to view a list of current scholarship funds and become part of creating success for student achievement.

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