Tools for Developing a Plan for Your Philanthropy

Having a detailed plan for philanthropy can help you give more strategically; especially during these uncertain times. A comprehensive plan for your philanthropy can also increase the gratification of giving, knowing that your dollars are supporting those causes most important to you in a meaningful way. The Mansfield Foundation offers the tools to assist you and your family in planning your philanthropic efforts.

Creating a family giving plan is simple.

Utilize these tools and launch your legacy today.

Step 1: Know Your Philanthropic Interests and Values 

Step 2: Make it a Family Affair

Step 3: Create a Comprehensive Philanthropy Plan

Step 4: Your Giving Mission Statement: A Roadmap to Action

Step 5: Planning for Your Future

Step 6: Your Partnership with the Mansfield Foundation


The team at the Mansfield Foundation is here to assist you. Contact us at or (570) 463-4040.