Step 5: Planning for the Future

Take the time to thoughtfully plan how you would like to distribute your estate after your lifetime. Planned gifts of donor assets help ensure the future of the Foundation’s mission and all those we serve. The impact of your giving does not have to stop at the end of your lifetime. The Mansfield Foundation is the proud beneficiary of planned gifts of donor assets, such as bequests, charitable gift annuities, life insurance policies, etc., made during a donor’s lifetime or posthumously.

Taking Care of the Causes You Care About

For years you have generously supported charities of your choice, like the Mansfield Foundation, and over those years they have become dependent upon your support. But what happens to them when you are gone? How do they replace your generous investment? That investment does not have to stop when you are gone. You can continue your generosity and impact generations to come through your estate plan.

Download our Guide to Estate Planning [PDF] to learn about options available to you, such as:


Name the Mansfield Foundation as a beneficiary in your will or trust agreements.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Establish a charitable gift annuity of $10,000 or more which the Mansfield Foundation will invest in our Scholarship Endowment Fund. In exchange, the Foundation will pay a fixed annuity to the donor for life or to one or two individuals designated by the donor for the lives of those individuals.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A donor can establish a charitable remainder trust to an irrevocable trust he or she establishes by a written trust agreement.

The Mansfield Foundation only accepts those gifts that are consistent with its mission, operations and guidelines. An estate plan is not generally something you do on your own. Donors are encouraged to seek guidance from their own legal and financial Counsel to help you make those important decisions about transferring your estate after your lifetime.

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