The Mansfield Way Fund 

This unrestricted fund allows donors to ensure their gifts support the most pressing needs being address through the Foundation and provide the most effective solutions, however they may change over time. The Mansfield Way Fund is a special unrestricted fund providing a simple and efficient giving opportunity for donors who want to focus their gifts to address the critical need for financial support to students embarking on their higher education journey or for those who want to focus their gifts on high priority needs within the Northern Tier of PA as identified by expert advisors.

The Power of Unrestricted Giving

These funds provide the greatest flexibility to the Foundation in its goal of responding to disparate and unforeseen needs both within communities in the Northern Tier as well as in Higher Education. Income from either the Mansfield Way Unrestricted Scholarship Fund or the Mansfield Way Unrestricted Organizational Fund is used to award competitive scholarships to students seeking their post-secondary education and grants in the areas of research, education, the environment and conservation, and many others. The Foundation grants and scholarship committee, comprised of board and community members, reviews applicant proposals and recommends funding.

Getting Started is Easy

The Mansfield Way fund is a personalized fund you create to impact our community for generations to come or to help students afford the rising costs of higher education. You can use cash, stock, or other assets to make a gift to the fund, qualify for an immediate income tax deduction, and when it’s convenient for you, choose whether you want to direct your gift to the Mansfield Way Unrestricted Scholarship Fund or the Mansfield Way Unrestricted Organizational Fund. 

Consider The Mansfield Way Fund if you:

•    Want to support the changing needs and opportunities in the Northern Tier over time.

•    Aim to make the greatest impact possible with your charitable dollars.

•    Seek expertise in research and community evaluation to determine needs, opportunities and effectiveness of local nonprofit programs and initiatives.

Ready to Make an Impact through the Mansfield Way Fund?

Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and focused on the goals of your giving while honoring donor intent. We share a passion to help your generosity do the most good because that is how positive change happens. Give your gift today

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