Providing a reference means you simply enter the name and email address of the person selected. That’s it. The scholarship software will send your reference a message including an individualized link. That link takes them to the reference page for your application in AcademicWorks.

Candidates with great references do the following:

  1. Consider a professional reference (volunteer supervisor, from work or internship, teacher or professor) who can comment ideally on their academic abilities, demeanor, involvement, motivation, and teamwork.
  2. Contact their potential reference two to three weeks before the due date and obtain agreement from their reference before inputting their contact information in AcademicWorks.
  3. Confirm the correct spelling and email address of the reference and provide an overview of the scholarships they are considering and a résumé or list of activities.
  4. Inform their reference of the application process, when they should expect an email from the Foundation Scholarship Office, and the recommendation deadline.
  5. Remind their references that they will receive an email message (from with a link. They need to click that link, create a password, and then log in.
  6. Politely follow up with their reference to thank them for providing a recommendation as well as reminding them of the deadline.
  7. Show their appreciation to their reference by sending them a thank-you note, at least, after the application process regardless of receiving a scholarship.

Your reference has the option of submitting a Letter of Recommendation OR filling out a Rating Form. You most likely will be considered for more than one award, and please inform your reference of this so that they can be specific in describing you but general enough for multiple scholarship evaluator groups.

Who Should Be Your Reference?

Asking faculty, former employers, or professional colleagues to serve as references gives some of your biggest supporters the opportunity to recommend you. Most people are delighted to be asked. You should obtain agreement from your potential reference so you are prepared with their name and email address before you begin your application. Decide if your potential reference knows you well enough and how well you know them.

Do not ask family, friends, resident assistants, peer mentors, or student peers to provide a reference.

SPECIAL NOTE: References must be received by the Foundation Scholarship Office before the October 20 application deadline. Letter references will not be accepted. All references must be submitted through AwardSpring.

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