Our Enduring Impact

The Northern Tier of Pennsylvania faces a range of needs and opportunities for long-term growth and transformation. Ensuring that our region thrives for generations to come through meaningful philanthropy and strengthening our communities by emphasizing the importance of an education without financial barriers is our foremost purpose.

Scholarships: Supporting Higher Education, Not Higher Education Debt

The cost of higher education continues to rise each year, resulting in a college education being out of reach for too many. Students are often compelled to take on burdensome debt, adding to the already $1.4 trillion national student debt. Studies show that while real wages for the typical college graduate have only risen by 1.6 percent over the last 25 years, the average student debt has increased by a staggering 164 percent. At the Mansfield Foundation, we strive to ensure that the doors to a college education will not be closed to those who lack financial resources, and a postsecondary education will be available to all with the potential to succeed.

As the costs continue to rise, so too has the need for scholarships over the years. Since 1974, the Mansfield Foundation continues to meet that need by connecting qualified, motivated students with the funding to assist them in achieving their educational goals. We accomplish this by partnering with donors in strengthening and improving our communities for the benefit of all by helping you through the most effective philanthropy possible.

As a result, today we manage more than 300 scholarship funds for college, graduate, and vocational education. Connect your passion with purpose. Learn More

Our Special Initiatives: Connecting, Convening and Collaboration

In addition to helping students realize their dream of a higher education, we help realize the philanthropic dreams of our donors by leading community conversations and partnering with local nonprofit organizations to support them in responding to key issues our area is facing and supporting them in opportunities to strengthen our communities. Learn more about our special initiatives.



Nonprofits, schools, universities, donors, businesses, community leaders


47-year history serving the higher education needs of the Norther Tier of PA


Collecting, analyzing, and sharing important information about issues affecting students seeking college degrees


$20 million in assets, over one million in annual scholarships and educational support