The Foundation appreciates our corporate partners and is positioned to help both established and new businesses make their charitable investments as cost effective and efficient as possible. Tailored to each unique business and offering expert community knowledge, the Foundation will work with you to develop and implement a custom corporate giving program that reflects your company mission and values; whether you want to establish a Corporate Donor Advised Fund, a Scholarship, or be part of a mobilized effort with the Foundation to support ongoing relief efforts in your community in response to a local disaster or hardship resulting from a national emergency.




Create a philanthropic plan that aligns with your company’s values, business strategy, and community goals, and then make high-impact community investments wherever you do business.


Return on Investment

Minimize the administrative tasks associated with corporate philanthropy while maximizing benefits for your business, employees, and the



Offer an easy and inspiring way for company employees and leadership to give to others, including employees in need.


Corporate Matching Gifts

Corporate matching gifts are a type of philanthropy in which companies financially match donations that their employees make to nonprofit organizations. Companies of all sizes match donations their employees make to nonprofits because it is an easy, structured way for them to support good work in their communities.

matching gifts

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Since 2006, Ward Manufacturing has been offering a scholarship program to the dependents of Ward employees. I know that there are other businesses in our community and surrounding areas that like ours would not be as successful as they are if it weren’t for those who in our community graduating from college and becoming our next key leaders keeping the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania a vibrant part of PA. We are confident our investment at the Mansfield Foundation will yield positive results for generations to come.

Pete Guidi