Resume/Curriculum Vitae

You will find it helpful to have your résumé completed and ready to copy/paste in the system. If you do not have an existing résumé, you are not required to submit one as part of the General Application. However, certain scholarship applications will require you to submit a résumé. In the General Application, you are prompted to list information pertaining to the following:

  • Academic Achievements: honors, awards, and recognitions
  • Employment: previous employment and employment planned for the next academic year. (i.e., jobs, internships, etc.) 
  • Extracurricular Activities: any organizations, extracurricular involvement, or other activities you were dedicated to (e.g., clubs, organizations, club sports, intramurals, high school/intercollegiate athletics, etc.).
  • Professional Involvement: any participation in professional memberships, honor societies, organizations, academic research, presentations, etc. 
  • Service Activities: any service to campus and/or community
  • Skills: hard and soft skills you possess

You may already have a professional résumé highlighting your academic success in high school and/or college contributions. If you do not have an existing résumé, please see the sample résumé below. Your résumé is your chance to put your best foot forward to introduce yourself. Your achievements are more important than the format.

If you need assistance with constructing a professional résumé, the Foundation’s Scholarship Office is happy to assist. For an appointment, please email or visit your campus’ Career Services Office for assistance.

Sample Resume [pdf]